Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Invitation to My Water Moments Event with Sony TX5


Ada sesiapa rakan blogger nak Join My Water Moment kat Sunway Lagoon Tak??

Invitation dari Pihak Nuffnang.. Rasanya macam nak pegi kot, sebab masuk FREE kan..

Jom la.. boleh mandi manda..

EMAIL by Nuff ....

Dear Nuffnanger,

We'd like to cordially invite you and your guest to the 'My Water Moments with TX5' event happening at;

Date: 7 August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Venue: Mali Cove, Sunway Lagoon

1. Kindly be there at
9.30 am for registration
2. Don't forget to come in your most comfortable beachwear as there will be lots of 'wet' activities!

Kindly confirm your attendance to the event by sending a confirmation email to by 12pm, 6 August 2010(Friday). Please DO NOT reply to this email. Failure to confirm your attendance will result in your invites being revoked and passed to other bloggers.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation email!

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.


sall said...

ko pergi ke??

maslinamansor said...

jangan lepaskan peluang untuk mandi manda yer...
pergi dengan sapa..?

Adyshariz said...

sall..masih dlm perancangan..tgk schedule encik suami dulu..

mas...insyaAllah,kalau free mesti pegi

Damia Aleesya & Damia Ayunie said...

woww...wee...bestnya dapat invitation ni...

Adyshariz said... jemput insyaAllah kalau encek abe free singgah jap kot..