Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIGi iPhone for Play


For me, No More "Toyol Kuning" play with DIGI iPhone But now
Kambing will take over too PLAY with it.. kambing now

Let's PLAY iPHONE Application together with kambing...bekkk

Now !!
Top 3 Application that Really Awesome to use when
U really..really need it , JOM LAYAN

Smartphone Application

My 1st Lovely Application !!

Download Apps at iPhone
I'm "Cinemafreek", All the new movie, seriously i will watch it with my beloved hubby.
For sure, i really need the Latest news from Cinema. That make me download this

Cine Apps

What i get from this Application
* Add a cinema into my favorite list
* Connect to goggle map to get the direction to my cinema choice
* See what is being show int the "Now showing" & "Coming soon" tabs
* Read synopsis and watch trailer and video clips of selected movie

Seriously I LOVE

My 2nd Lovely Application !!

Application for Mom and Dad
Yup! My Baby Hariz like to watch sesame street cartoon,
he love to see elmo dance and sing, which make him so happy

What can i get using this Application
*Choose monster body and touch its face to give eyes, nose and hat
*Elmo will dance and sing together with my little hariz

When My Little Hariz HAPPY, Make me and Daddy Smile Always

My 3rd Lovely Application !!

Application for Fun & Games

i'm Crazy to have some fun when i get bored or nothing to do
In this application, they are so many Games to play
For sure i can invite my friend to join and play together,
we can compare score and mostly i loose .. haha

There are so many Application in this SmartPhone
All this Application you can Play Just on
Exceed Your Vision

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