Tuesday, September 07, 2010

ENVEEUS.COM First Contest!


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The Prize very BERBALOI - BALOI..

is Enveenus.com?

she is bella Eveenus

A Malaysian Malay girl who loves to write and make online business as well. Too many things on my mind that requires me to pen it down before I start to go mental. So read on - if you're brave. LOL!

Wow ! She Interested in

Make a new friends, Writing, Thinking and reading a lots of book

    i also like to reading a lot of book..tapi most of it NOVEl je la.. layan hati yg jiwang karat

She also LOVE to write some short story
Creative writing / Poem and FANTASTIS QUOTES
Quote 2 :
when a man choose not to appreciate what you did for him, he's an ass.
when a man choose to claim what you did for him as his own, he's a scum.
    when a man acts convincingly as if it's all true, he's the ass of a scum.
    Yup ! true babeh.. i sokong.. muahhh..ha..ha

She also a Malaysian Blogger and love to blog about ?
    She have A lot of Pussy CAt to LOVED... jiwa penyayang ni
      Cute giler kalau dapat ku gigit - gigit...
    His real name is Flaming Eyes.. what a gorges name..
    suka cat tapi,.. hubby x kasi bela la..

TV channel that she love to watch?
firstly, maybe E! and MTV is one of her faverot channel
Secondly AXN (sama la wey) - the best channel ooo.. house, damages,CSI, number and lot more
thirdly National Geographic - sometimes jer layan..hehe...

OMG! she know how to play with PIANO?

Suka..suka.. I really like a person who can play a music using Piano or gitar
coz for me, it was a wonderfull give from god..
she also upload her video at you tube.. wah! rajin nya..

Meh Layan petikan piano by Bella.. LAYAN

Are you Interested to know more detail bout her?
just Add as your friends.. easy ma..

Contest duration:
Contest starts on 18th AUGUST 2010 and will end on 30th SEPTEMBER 2010.

GUd Luck to me... daaa

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